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A blog made in honor of all of the talented young dancers out there. Feel free to ask me anything!
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Kaycee Rice’s solo Trapped is my favorite thing omg

Kaycee Rice Tap solo- “DaFace”

Photo of the Day! More here (X)

Could it be any other way, Ricky?!



maddie dancing to chandelier in Paris.

I wanna See the whole thing:(

Anonymous: I only had so many characters, so I couldn't say what it was for in the very beginning. 😁 hope it gets better bby!

Thank you! It feels a lot better already. I was just at band camp all day and nobody had anything that could help, so it kept getting worse and worse :P

Anonymous: Get earl grey tea and a pitcher and an old wash cloth. Boil water and pour it in a pitcher and over the tea. Wait for it to be almost black. When it's black and cooled down, strip down and get in your bath tub(the tea will stain your clothes, I'm not being creepy) dip your OLD WASHCLOTH (tea stains) and dab it on your sunburn. Don't wipe/wash it off. Let it soak in your skin. Keep doing this another 4-5 times. The sooner the better, and before bed is best too cuz it works overnight.

Omg thank you! I was so confused when I started reading this because I thought you were teaching me to make iced tea. I really need to do this because aloe only helps so much!