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Music Tag

I was tagged by smalldancers

“You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to, put you music on shuffle don’t skip a song and list 10 then tag 10 people”

1. The Chain- Ingrid Michealson

2. It’s Time- Imagine Dragons

3. The Confrontation- Les Miserables

4. Die in Your Arms- Madilyn Bailey

5. Texas- Magic Man

6. This Place Was a Shelter- Olafur Arnalds

7. Popular- Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked)

8. Schoolin’ Life- Beyonce

9. When a Hearts Breaks- Ben Rector

10. Merry Happy- Kate Nash

That was the wierdest mix of stuff but it pretty much sums up my music taste

Tagging the first 10 people I can think of!

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Love love love love love love love. Jayci Kalb. Choreographed by Travis Wall. She’s supposed to be a flower. I love how she “grows” in the beginning, then “dies” at the end. <3

Anonymous: maddie would smoke coco, maddie has a lot more tricks and a lot more emotion and is more mature as a dancer, and im a dancer sooo



I’m just saying, comparing Maddie to someone who’s half her age, isn’t making Maddie look any better.

And of course she has more tricks, Coco hasn’t been dancing for nearly as long as Maddie has.

And Coco’s six……at six years old, you aren’t a “mature dancer”.

And I’m a dancer too, whether or not you’re a dancer is irrelevant to this stupid comparison you’re trying to make.

Why! Are! You! Comparing! The! Skill! Level! Of! A! 6! Year! Old! To! An! 11! Year! Old!!!

"I’m a dancer sooo"

Omg!1 You’re a dancer???? Srry I ever doubted your opinion you probz know so much more than me. Liek, Maddie def would smoke Coco, I thought otherwise but you totally just changed my opinyin.

Making another psd for y’all


Hey guys, can you all pray for clubdancingelephant? She’s in the hospital currently due to breathing problems. She wanted me to tell you guys where she’s at so you all don’t freak out. Thanks guys(:

clubdancingelephant I really hope you’re okay. Sending you my love <3

arclife: I hate that they took down the better version of Briar's Fly Don't solo but even the nuvo version is one of my favorite solos

I noticed that, I saw some gifs that looked like a much better quality video, but I couldn’t find it :(. But yeah, that is definitely one of the most unique, entertaining solos I’ve ever seen.