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A blog made in honor of all of the talented young dancers out there. Feel free to ask me anything!
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The girl in the blue in those pictures is the crazy one

Guys I swear I have to post pictures of the one little girl I take contortion with she’s club dance status

I hit 3,500 followers! Love you all :).

Should I do anything?

I look so fancy omg


those feet though


Autumn Miller



so guys i have a rant

i have danced at a studio for 11 years and have done the nutcracker every year they did it having a special part each year. The special parts are pointe only

so i understand how i didnt get clara (glasses, dont fit into costume) the person who got clara looks like a clara…

That’s really not fair, I just don’t like the whole body thing with dance. There is absolutely no reason someone’s abilities should not be utilized because their body doesn’t fit the part?